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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Vietnam

At Worldwide Beauty and Dental Hospital, our first-rate team is here to ensure that you reach your cosmetic and dental goals. With contemporary training, we have the expertise to correct a range of different facial concerns including chin surgery and facial contouring.

Chin Surgery

Oral and Maxillofacial SurgeryIf you have an overbite or underbite, we can decrease or extend the length of your chin by moving the jaw forwards or backwards with implant insertion or fat grafting. If you have a chin that is small, short, retreated, excessively developed or are dissatisfied with your facial contours, chin surgery may be the ideal solution.

The procedure takes two hours and is performed under local and general anaesthesia. You must fast for 8 hours beforehand. We recommend a stay that is a minimum of two weeks.

There are four separate methods that can be used depending on your particular concern.

  1. Retreated chin. An incision is made of 2-3 centimetres on the chin mucous membrane and the bone is fractured, then moved forwards. The implant is inserted at the incision and sutured into place.
  2. Long chin. An incision of 2-3 centimetres is made on the chin’s mucous membrane and the bone is then fractured. The chin can then be moved forwards and an implant inserted before sutures are placed.
  3. Short chin. The chin is moved forwards with an incision made to insert an implant.
  4. Wide chin. The front chin is fractured into a T-shape that reduces the length and width of the chin.

Facial Contouring (V-Line Shape)

With precise jaw placement, you can have an attractive V-line. The jaw surgeries that can achieve this definition include facial contouring, maxillofacial surgery, chin surgery, cheekbone reduction, jawline reduction, square jaw reduction and jaw lines.

Cheekbone reduction. The point on the cheekbones that protrudes most is targeted to find the most appropriate incision line for reduction.

Square jaw reduction. Sagittal split osteotomy is used on the jawbone and mandibular angle osteotomy leads to the reduction of a squared jaw.

Front chin reduction. A T-shape bone excision is completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the chin nerves dull?

All surgical procedures involve risks. The skills of our surgeon will ensure that any side effects are minimised.

When will I be able to return to my normal life?

Swelling is common only during the first two days, with 80% of it subsiding in seven days. Your regular activities can be returned to in about a week, though if your job requires a large amount of talking, you should wait about two weeks.

Can fractured bones be restored?

Your cheekbone reduction is designed to maintain the volume of your face. Our surgeon’s depth of skill will ensure that your bone mass is never reduced unnecessarily.

When can a revision be completed?

A revision should not be rushed to avoid any possible side effects. We generally recommend revisions six months after the first surgery.

Contact us today to find out if oral and maxillofacial surgery Vietnam will help you achieve the look you desire!


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