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Our Commitment to Quality

Dr Hung and staffAt Worldwide Beauty and Dental Hospital, we aim to maintain our 5-star service by personalising every aspect of every treatment to your unique needs and goals. While we cannot promise to offer the lowest price in Vietnam, we guarantee to provide the best possible treatment within your budget.

Our Commitment to You

When you choose Worldwide Beauty and Dental Hospital for your care, you can be confident that you’ll have an excellent experience. Here are some reasons why:

  • Our fully accredited surgeons studied and trained in Vietnam and overseas (America, Korea and Thailand).
  • While maintaining open communication with clients, we can assure the utmost confidentiality with not only client health information but also personal preferences and other sensitive details.
  • The consultation, pre-screen, operation and post-operation process follows the standard of the Vietnamese Ministry of Health and FDA.
  • Only the most advanced medical technology and equipment are used for all clients. At the forefront of advancements in medical technology, our surgeons are often praised for using progressive yet sound and proven surgical techniques, while phasing out ones that are outmoded.
  • Our facility and amenities will make you feel as if you were on holiday.
  • You will receive 5-star quality services from our professional and friendly staff.

Our Distinctives

  • Safety

    To ensure the highest levels of safety for our clients, we work with a pre-screened, highly trained, and experienced medical staff. Our state-of-the-art client surgical centres are fully accredited and uphold the highest standards achievable in industry care.

    We also feature a modern aseptic operation room (All medical equipment is sterilised by operating the sterilisation system.) Our aseptic operation room system follows the Federal Standards. In addition, we also have uninterruptible power supplies and in-house emergency room.

  • Modern Medicine and Equipment

    Our specialised anaesthesiologist uses high-quality drugs and equipment, which are authorised by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health and FDA.

  • Open Communication and Transparency

    We encourage open communication and provide clients and caretakers with transparency and detailed education about the treatments and applicable risks as possible.


Before your surgery, we use the Smart Examination System for precise surgical analysis to ensure your safety. Our hospital also features its medical check-up centre so clients can receive necessary medical examinations in a comfortable environment. Services that are free of charge include X-Rays, blood test, liver function and ECG.

Want to Know More?

At Worldwide Beauty and Dental Hospital, we treat every client with compassion and warmth. We will do our utmost to ensure that you are completely delighted with your services and care.

Contact our Australian staff now to schedule a consultation!

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