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Mummy Makeover Vietnam

circle-anti-aging-facial-servicesAny woman who has been through pregnancy knows about the changes that take place in the body. Depending on your body, some of these changes can be minimal. For other women, changes can be profound to the breasts and stomach. You worked hard during pregnancy and childbirth. You deserve to get your pre-pregnancy body back. That’s why we are proud to offer mummy makeovers!

Get Your Body Back

Many women we’ve seen at Worldwide Beauty and Dental Hospital feel strongly about getting their figure back. You may find that no matter what you’ve tried to get that body back with trendy diets and gym workouts, you just can’t seem to get back to your original shape. There is a growing trend of post-childbearing women who are turning to plastic surgery to get that pre-baby body back.
We offer the following procedures as part of a mummy makeover:


  • Tummy tuck to get rid of excess skin
  • Liposuction to remove fat pockets
  • Fat transfer for additional shaping
  • Vagina rejuvenation


  • Breast Augmentation to restore fullness
  • Breast Lift or Breast Lift with Augmentation to bring the breasts to a more youthful position
  • Breast Reduction, for women with uncomfortably large breasts

Mummy Makeover FAQ

When is the best time to have a mummy makeover?

According to experts, there is no best time to undergo a mummy makeover per se as there are many other factors that come into play when it comes to post-childbirth care. However, it is recommended that you wait until your body shape is relatively stable before undergoing any procedures.

A good gauge will be three to six months after the delivery of your baby, or when you have concluded breastfeeding your child.

What is the downtime required after a mummy makeover?

It depends on the number of procedures and the ones you’ve chosen. For tummy tucks and liposuction, about two weeks of downtime is considered to be standard. For breast augmentation and breast lifts, it is more towards three to seven days. As with most surgery aftercare, remember to avoid any rigorous activity.

It is recommended that you go back to exercising around the fifth or sixth-week mark if need be.

How long will the effects of a mummy makeover last?

As mentioned, it’s dependent on what type of procedures you’ve selected. The effects of liposuction are permanent. The process involves the actual physical removal of fat cells. You won’t gain as much weight in the area where you had liposuction.

For breast augmentation, on the other hand, it varies according to your body and lifestyle. Typically, the average life span is about seven years, though a study has recently found that the majority of breast augmentation cases can last up to ten to twenty years.

Are you ready to get your body back? Would you like to feel desirable and sexy again? If yes, contact our Vietnam practice today to schedule a consultation!


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