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Lip and Cheek Surgery in Vietnam

If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your lips or cheeks, the team at Worldwide Beauty and Dental Hospital can help. We offer several different procedures to augment or reduce lips and cheeks, as well as providing dimpleplasty to give you natural-looking, gorgeous dimples.
lip and cheek surgery Vietnam

Lip Augmentation or Reduction

Your lips can appear fuller or be reduced if they are of undesirable size with this surgical procedure. Injections from a fat graft or fillers can be used in an augmentation. A reduction reduces the bulkiness of your lips to your desired specifications.

Cheek Augmentation or Reduction

Fillers or implants can be used to augment your cheeks, elevating your cheekbones to give your face an enhanced appearance. If you seek to reduce your cheek volume, a reduction removes some of the fat to leave you with a sleeker look.


Achieve an unforgettable smile by having a dimpleplasty, a procedure gaining popularity in recent years. Dimples are naturally created through a small opening of the buccinator muscle in the cheek, which is hereditary. At our clinic, we can create this facial feature with a minimally invasive surgery.

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