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Gummy Smile Treatment

Having a stunning smile isn’t just about teeth; it also involves your gums. The ideal distance from the part of the gum that touches your teeth and your upper lip is about three millimetres, according to the Dental Aesthetic Index. Any longer distances are known as a gummy smile, a common phenomenon that is easily addressed at Worldwide Beauty and Dental Hospital.

Achieve an Even, Brilliant Smile

The causes of gummy smiles are several:Woman covering her mouth

  • A large alveolar bone
  • A lip line that is too high
  • Gum tissue that is too thick
  • The growth of the upper jawbone

Too often, people with a gummy smile don’t want to show their teeth and gums, covering their mouth with their hand or avoiding smiling. Solutions are simple and have become popular in recent years. Our team is experienced in the appropriate treatments, which can include removing excessive gum with a laser, operating on the upper jawbone or alveolar bone and shaping the lip line.

Want to Know More?

Find out how we can help you show off a smile you love. Request a phone consultation with one of our Australian staff – it’s easy! We’ll talk you through available options and discuss your travel to Worldwide Beauty and Dental Hospital.

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