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Dental Implants Systems

Our Implant Systems

A range of implant systems is available at Worldwide Beauty and Dental Hospital. Please note that a lifetime warranty is given with the Nobel Biocare®, Straumann®, BioHorizons® and Hahn® systems.

Nobel Biocare

Nobel BioCare logoThis well-known system with a reputation for excellence is used in over 70 countries. The titanium oxide dental implant called Ti-Unite accelerates the integration process.

  • Nobel Replace CC: The Conical Connection, or CC, merges a tapered implant with a conical connection to mimic a natural tooth root for high stability.
  • Nobel active: The body and thread design of the implant condense the bone when inserted, giving stability even to bone that is compromised, making it ideal for immediate placement.


Straumann logo

  • Straumann is responsible for pioneering single-stage implants that have a strong track record for precision and security.
  • Straumann SLA: This implant is placed at the bone level and is suitable for incisor teeth.
  • Straumann tissue-level implant: A smooth collar is built in to shape soft tissue for one-stage surgery, suitable even for molars.
  • Straumann with SLActive surface: Allows for faster integration, reduced healing times and predictable treatment and outcomes.


These pure titanium implants have a textured surface treatment that works even with low bone material. It’s easy to use and cost-effective with various diameters to fit all abutments or fixtures.


This innovative implant is a screw type that incorporates conical connection with anti-rotation index, giving a reliable surface and unique stability mechanism.


This implant system involves surface technology for stability and considers safety while being budget-conscious.


These implants are made in the U.S. and involve Laser-Lok® technology, a state-of-the-art way to give stability.

Offering Non-metal Implant Systems

The Zirconia dental implant is completely metal-free, making it biocompatible with the jawbone and soft tissues. Without allergens or free electronics, it’s electrically neutral and doesn’t transmit hot or cold to the bone. Studies support that bone is deposited at the surface of zirconium implants, promoting bone growth.

Want to Learn More?

Please contact us with any questions you might have about the implant systems we use. Request a phone consultation today with one of our Australian staff.


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