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Dental Implant Procedure

Illustration of dental implantAt Worldwide Beauty and Dental Hospital, our experienced team works efficiently to ensure your dental implants are completed in a timely fashion – so you can spend more time enjoying the local culture and less time indoors waiting on a procedure – while maintaining the highest standard of safety and quality.

The Implant Placement Procedure

Receiving a dental implant usually includes two separate stages.

Stage 1: Implant placement (4-5 visits in 4-5 days with a checkup after 8-10 days)

  • The first appointment involves an overall health examination, CT bone beam X-rays and use of the Nobel Clinician software to guide the surgical process. A cleaning will be performed, and study casts will be taken. Together, you and your dentist will design your treatment plan.
  • At your second appointment, the implant is placed, taking anywhere from 15 minutes for a single placement to three hours for more complex cases. A temporary crown or denture is given to you, and you can rest before leaving.
  •  The third and fourth appointments involve examining your implant site, taking scans or impressions to create the crown (completed in-house within 24 hours) and installing the abutment or crown on the implant within 72 hours of implant placement.
  • At the fourth or fifth appointments, stitches are removed, and you’re given a final checkup, which usually occurs 8-10 days after placement.

Stage 2: Prosthesis (4-6 months after placement, requiring 10-14 days total)

  • At your first appointment during this second phase, you’ll receive an examination and have X-rays taken. A healing cap is placed at the site, and then we give 5-7 days for the area to heal.
  • The second appointment involves impressions taken for the prosthesis, which is then created at our in-house lab over 2-3 days.
  • When you return for your third appointment, the abutment is installed. Impressions are taken of your bite so that your new tooth or teeth can be created from a template.
  • At your fourth appointment, we’ll perform a final checkup to ensure that your implant fits seamlessly into your smile and that you’re satisfied with your results.

Immediate Implant Placement and Loading

Occasionally, extraction can be required prior to the placement of dental implants. If you have a tooth removed, we’ll evaluate you after the procedure to ensure sufficient bone is present with healthy gums that support the implant before proceeding.

If an infection is present that requires bone grafting, a waiting period of 1-2 months is necessary. If the bone has deteriorated from infection, 3-4 months may be required.

Whenever possible, we will place the implant immediately after extraction. When no inflammation or infection is present and you have adequate bone density, we can give you an implant and temporary crown on the same day as your removal is completed.

Immediate loading involves two steps with the implant process completed in a single session. Your suitability for this procedure depends on many factors, which we’ll discuss with you at our initial evaluation.

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