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Crowns and Bridges

If your teeth have been damaged by trauma or have been affected by the ageing process, dental crowns at Worldwide Beauty and Dental Hospital may be the answer. Those who are missing a tooth or multiple teeth grouped together can find the solution they’re looking for with a dental bridge.

The latest technology is always used in your care so that you can feel confident knowing you’re receiving state-of-the-art materials and techniques from an experienced team of dental professionals.

Dental Crowns

Illustration of dental crownA porcelain crown can provide protection and stability to a tooth that has lost its structure. Crowns may be the ideal solution to having a completely natural-looking smile. The many situations it’s appropriate for include:

  • Chipped, stained or damaged teeth
  • Broken fillings
  • Excessive wear
  • Hairline cracks
  • Post-root canal to prevent breakage

Materials Available for Dental Crowns

The two types available include non-metal e.max® and e.max ceram porcelain. The non-metal option boasts a high level of biocompatibility, meaning you don’t have to worry about irritation or sensitivity with hot and cold foods.

E.max ceram porcelain has an inner zirconia frame covered by a layer of porcelain. The hardness of this material gives you long-lasting results while still complementing the natural colour of your teeth.

A higher strength of gold and porcelain materials is necessary for treating the most serious dental problems.

The Process of Getting a Crown

The three appointments required for a crown involve:

  • An examination, X-rays and pictures of your teeth and face. With this information gathered, we’ll design your smile together. Your teeth are prepared and impressions made while you’re given a temporary crown to use.
  • A trial of your new crown to ensure the perfect colour and shape, then affixing it to the damaged tooth.
  • A final checkup.

Dental Bridges

Illustration of dental bridgeIf you need to regain the function of your mouth after a tooth has been lost, dental bridges offer different options including fixed and removable devices. They attach an artificial tooth to adjacent teeth and then are either bonded into place or use metal clasps for easy removal and cleaning. Though fixed bridges offer more stability, they’re put into place permanently and can only be removed by a dental professional.

Bridges are an effective way to ease worries about eating and the look of your smile. A bridge supports lips and cheeks and can prevent gum disease or speech disorders that are at high risk when a tooth is missing.

Materials Available for Dental Bridges

We have several different substances available that can be used for bridges, including gold, alloy, porcelain or a combination. Often, porcelain is bonded to precious or non-precious metals.

The Process of Getting a Bridge

Two to three appointments are required. At the first one, your dentist will prepare the teeth on either side of the missing tooth, then take impressions that are sent to the laboratory. When you return, if you’ve gotten a fixed bridge, it will be cemented to your natural teeth. The removable bridge will be put into place and secured with clasps.

If you brush and floss as usual, your bridge will be kept clean and last for years to come.

A strict regimen of brushing and flossing will keep the bridge and surrounding teeth clean. This routine is of critical importance as the bridge relies on the neighbouring teeth for support.

Want to Learn More?

Simply request a phone consultation with one of our Australian staff – it’s easy! We’ll talk you through available options and discuss your travel to Worldwide Beauty and Dental Hospital.


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