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Bone Grafts and Sinus Lifts

man with white hair and beard smilingBefore a dental implant can be placed, we’ll evaluate the amount of bone in your jaw and sinus if required to support the implant. You can find out more about each procedure below.

Augmenting the Jawbone

Bone insufficiency can be caused by:

  • A facial injury
  • Development of defects in the tooth
  • Gum disease
  • Long-term denture wear
  • Spaces from tooth removal

The rebuilding of the bone will provide your jaw with the strong foundation required to support an implant. The bone graft procedure is simple and usually allows you to return to work on the next day.

Expanding the Sinuses

When the back upper teeth are missing, your sinus cavity enlarges as bone deteriorates. A sinus elevation or lift augments bone to prepare it for a dental implant. By adding bone below the sinus, the implant can be placed while not affecting speech or causing problems with your sinuses. Approximately 4-12 months is needed for the bone to develop, and we can then proceed with your implant.

Want to Learn More?

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