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Eyelid Surgery Vietnam

Achieve quick results in refreshing your look with eyelid surgery, offered by the first-class team at Worldwide Beauty and Dental Hospital. Upper and lower eyelid procedures are both available as well as eyelid revision and canthoplasty.

Upper Eyelid Procedures

upper eyelid surgery before and afterThere are two types of upper eyelid methods: incision and non-incision.

Incision: This blepharoplasty method is the most common. It removes excess eyelid fat using a horizontal incision. It is ideal for those with thick eyelids, droopy eyelids or eyelashes that irritate the eye and double eyelids. The surgery takes place in 20 minutes under local anaesthesia. You will have two visits to our clinic with the suture removal taking place 5-7 days afterwards.

Non-Incision: This method creates a double eyelid without making an incision. It is commonly referred to as the pinch method, and several surgical applications are available that take your unique eye shape and goals into account, modifying our technique to your desires. It takes place under local anesthesia in just 30 minutes. You can return to your normal activities after 3-4 days.

Lower Eyelid Procedures

If the area under your eye does not suit you, we can address different concerns using three different options: undereye bags, dark circles and love bands.

Undereye bags: Droopy or sagging undereyes make you look older, but fat deposits can be removed or repositioned as appropriate to correct the area. It is ideal for those with protruding undereye bags or those with extremely dark undereye circles. The procedure requires two visits. During the first, a 30-minute procedure takes place while you are under local anaesthesia. Your stitches are removed after 5-7 days at a second visit, and you can return to your regular activities after just 2-3 days.

Surgical method for undereye bags:

Step 1. Consultation and surgery plan, design and outline. Our experienced surgeons evaluate you to be certain that this is the appropriate procedure.

Step 2. Blood test

Step 3. Incision. The conjunctiva receives an incision, which is later sutured on the inside so that there is no visible scarring.

Step 4. Eyebag fat adjustment. The fats are removed or repositioned.

Step 5. Excessive and loose skin is corrected. The fat is repositioned to correct sagging areas.

Love bands: Plump areas under the eyes are sometimes referred to as love bands, which can give a more youthful facial appearance. They can be achieved through fat injection or fillers to plump up the undereye area or reduce wrinkles. The surgery takes 30 minutes under local anaesthesia, with no follow-up visit necessary.

The types of love band surgery are filler injection and pure fat injection, both of which last up to one year.

Eyelid Revision

Perhaps you have had less-than-optimal results from previous eyelid surgeries. Our experienced surgical team can perform a revision to change your double eyelid lines, asymmetric eyes or double eyelids. It takes place under local anaesthesia, with your sutures removed on a subsequent visit, when you can resume your normal activities.

Surgical method for eyelid revision:

Type 1: Large, visible scars. Excessive eyelid skin can be removed.

Type 2: Swollen or puffy eyelids. Disproportionate eyelid liens are corrected by the removal or skin or fat.

Type 3: Eyelid asymmetry. If a double eyelid has come undone, revision surgery can restore the symmetry.

Type 4: Unsatisfactory eyelid line. No matter what the cause may be, we can revise your eyelid line and restore it to a natural, beautiful state.


The section of eyelid that makes up the inner corner of the eye, commonly called the “Mongolian fold,” makes your eyes look further apart. This procedure lengthens the eyes so that they appear wider, bigger and clearer. The procedure takes place in 30 minutes and is performed while you are under local anaesthesia. After 5-7 days at a follow-up visit, your sutures are removed and you can then return to everyday activities.

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